Over 13,000 People in Los Angeles Fall into Homelessness Each Month

Over 13,000 People in Los Angeles Fall into Homelessness Each Month
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27 August 2015
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The “All Alone” report found that an average of 100,000 children in the county, which has a population of 10.1 million, are homeless every month.

The per capita income in Los Angeles County, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, ranks 170th among the 3,144 counties in the nation, and 15th among California’s 58 counties.

During the period analyzed, almost 1 million people were left without a home at some point, although in most cases they found shelter with help from relatives and friends, or were able to get a job.

Some 78 percent of homeless people left the streets in less than one month, and 9 percent got off the streets after being homeless more than one month.

The report said 13 percent of homeless people live in chronic poverty and 5 percent of the cases are associated with a severe disability.

The Economic Roundtable said the main tools for remedying poverty were jobs and prevention services.

The group estimated that 42 percent of people in poverty did not receive the assistance they needed to find a home, and the main reason for that was the lack of funding for agencies providing assistance.

The study found that 49 percent of poor adults with a disability in Los Angeles County did not receive the Social Security benefits they were entitled to and which could provide income of up to $889 a month.

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