Chomsky Predicts Sanders Will Lose, Bernie Disagrees

Chomsky Predicts Sanders Will Lose, Bernie Disagrees
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13 August 2015
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Noam Chomsky said he was glad to see Sanders in the race, but denounced that elections were bought by billionaires.

The internationally renowned intellectual, political commentator, author and linguist Noam Chomsky predicted independent senator Bernie Sanders would not win the presidential elections of 2016, something the politician disagreed with.

“I'm glad that Sanders is running,” Chomsky said. “A good way to bring important ideas and facts to people. His candidacy might also press the Demos a little in a progressive direction.”

However, Chomsky said, “In our system of bought elections, he has scarcely a chance of getting beyond the primaries, and even if by some miracle he were elected, he wouldn't be able to do anything.”

Chomsky explained that Sanders would be hand-tied because he would lack congressional support, governors, and more.

“As far as I can see he’s a thorn in the side of the Clinton machine, which is not a bad thing,” Chomsky concluded.

But Sanders told British newspaper the Guardian he was as pessimistic.

“He’s right, we live in an increasingly oligarchic form of society, where billionaires are able to buy elections and candidates, and it is very difficult, not just for Bernie Sanders but for any candidate who represents working families,” he told the Guardian. “But I think the situation is not totally hopeless, and I think we do have a shot to win this thing.”

Sanders has surprised many due to the popularity he has garnered toward his presidential nomination and many news outlets have given him credit for succeeding in including the inequality debate and stagnating incomes into the political discourse in the United States.

“The 73-year-old can claim credit for pulling the Democratic party to the left, even if he doesn't take the nomination from frontrunner Hillary Clinton,” the Guardian said.


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