Uruguay Signs Deal with Bolivia Granting It Access to the Sea

Uruguay Signs Deal with Bolivia Granting It Access to the Sea
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27 February 2015
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Bolivian President Evo Morales has won support from outgoing Uruguayan President Jose Mujica in the country’s attempt to gain access to its former coastline, currently controlled by Chile.

President Morales met with Mujica Thursday to talk about matters of cooperation and integration. They signed a memorandum on Bolivian access to a major deep water port planned for Uruguay. The act of solidarity will lessen the landlocked country's dependence on Chile.

In Uruguay, Morales also visited the headquarters of the Latin American Integration Association where he received support for his country’s claim to access to the Pacific coastline. He was also awarded the Integration Medal, the Association's highest honor.

The Association is currently settling a dispute between Bolivia and Chile regarding access to the coast. Chile closed off Bolivia's access to the Pacific during a war in the 19th century, while Bolivia has been calling to return of these coastal lands ever since.

The integration group is weighing in on Bolivia’s accusation that Chile is not complying with a 1904 treaty between both countries that concerns Bolivia’s access to the disputed land.

Bolivia’s president responded by expressing his gratefulness for the Association’s support.

"We are grateful for the recommendations to solve this serious problem, and we call on Chile to fulfill its commitment to provide Bolivia with broad and free transit," said Morales.

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