Mexico Ready to Aid U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement

Mexico Ready to Aid U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement
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8 January 2015
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A day after Peña Nieto congratulated President Barack Obama on his “daring decision” to restore links with Cuba after a breach of more than 50 years and vowed that Mexico “will be a tireless promoter” of good relations between Washington and Havana, Eduardo Sanchez articulated his government’s position.

“We should first know about the channels of communications and the subjects to be discussed between the Unites States and Cuba, but of course that will come after the two countries involved in the relationship lay out their agenda,” the spokesman said.

So far, Sanchez said, he is not aware of any talk of Mexican officials acting as mediators or of Mexico serving as a venue for U.S.-Cuba talks.

Facing reporters Tuesday after meeting at the White House with Peña Nieto, Obama said he will speak out at April’s Summit of the Americas in Panama about the importance of democracy and human rights throughout the hemisphere, including Cuba.

Panama, as host nation, invited Cuba to take part in the gathering for the first time.

Obama again defended his decision, announced last month, to pursue “a more constructive policy” toward Cuba.

The State Department said Tuesday that the Cuban government has already released some of the 53 political prisoners Havana pledged to free under an agreement that allowed three Cuban spies imprisoned in the United State to return to Cuba.

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