Bolivian presidential candidate Luis Arce warns of fraud in May elections

Bolivian presidential candidate Luis Arce warns of fraud in May elections
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28 February 2020
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La Paz, February 28 (RHC)-- The candidate for the presidency of Bolivia for the Movement to Socialism (MAS), Luis Arce, denounces possible fraud in general elections called for May 3rd, given the changes made to the election system, also exposed by several political actors as 'nothing transparent.'

The alarms rang off because there will be no report of preliminary ballot counts; therefore, the results of the votes will be announced once the review of all the ballots has concluded.

Arce also addressed the interference by Washington in Bolivia's internal affairs by financing this year's general election, during an interview with Argentinian daily La Nacion.  He recalled that during the MAS administration, the State was responsible for this and other strategic tasks.

"The most important thing is that polls show MAS is in the first place and we continue in permanent contact organizing meetings in Argentina.  We are convinced that we will win the elections if there is no fraud," former president Evo Morales said he is optimistic on Arce's triumph next May.

Evo Morales warned that the first signal of fraud in Bolivia was his disqualification as a candidate for first senator for Cochabamba because of pressure against the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) by right-wing groups such as the Santa Cruz Civic Committee and other opposition groups.

If he wins, Luis Arce has manifested that his administration will restore the MAS administration's economic achievements, achievements now in steep decline due to the mismanagement of the unconstitutional president Jeanine Anez.

Arce said: "The de facto government showed that it does not know how to administer the State or the economy, it is skilled at destroying everything we have done," the former minister of Economy and Finance said.  Arce also reiterated that his political platform looks forward to giving continuity to the model of government, which began in 2006 when Evo Morales assumed the presidency.

He stressed that in just two months, coup authorities generated fear in savers, who took their money from the banks. The economy is now dollarized, and small and medium enterprises reduced their sales by half.

Evo Morales said: "I ask the international community not to abandon the people, and I ask the United Nations Organization, personalities, friendly governments and people who understand, to guarantee the elections in Bolivia."

Edited by Ed Newman

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