Evo Morales: unity, best campaign strategy

Evo Morales: unity, best campaign strategy
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18 February 2020
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Buenos Aires, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) Former President of Bolivia Evo Morales stated that the best campaign strategy of his party 'Movimiento al Socialismo' (MAS, lit. 'Movement to Socialism') is the unity of its militants.

In a Tweet, Morales said that along with Luis Arce, presidential candidate for MAS, and several of its leaders, 'we coincide in that the best strategy for our campaign is the militants' unity around our political program.'

Morales is devoted fully to the campaign, and focused entirely in it, along with several leaders of the party for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections to take place in May 3rd.

The meeting was centered in the planning of the strategy for the elections, with the participation of national and department leaders.

Morales was victim of a coup last November 10th, and sought political refuge in Argentina since December 14th, and is now polishing the MAS campaign, whose candidate, Luis Arce, is leading by intentions to vote, according to a recent poll by the Ciesmori consultant.

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