Vietnamese Agriculture to Need Six Million Workers by 2030

Vietnamese Agriculture to Need Six Million Workers by 2030
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14 August 2019
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It is forecast that by 2030, the Vietnamese agriculture sector - expected to become one of the world''s most developed - will need between five and six million trained workers, agricultural industry leaders reported.

Within 10 years, Vietnam is expected to have about 100,000 agricultural enterprises, 30,000 cooperatives and 70,000 farms, which due to the increasing implementation of hi-tech agriculture, will require a larger labor force, the leaders stated.

In the next decade, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture production should grow by 5%, requiring that 55-66% of workers be highly trained, according to the Director of the Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development, Le Duc Thinh.

Thinh pointed out that a project on vocational training for rural workers will be submitted to the government in accordance with the already imminent demand of this sector in this regard, with particular priority awarded to hi-tech agriculture, digital agriculture and business ventures.

At the last Congress of the Farmers' Union, the General Secretary of the Communist Party and President of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong, said that agriculture and rural residents are strategic factors for Vietnam´s development and security.

Even though more than one in three Vietnamese work in agriculture, their contributions to Gross Domestic Product are barely eight percent, proving the need to modernize and reorganize this sector.

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