South Korea-U.S. Military Maneuvers Begin

South Korea-U.S. Military Maneuvers Begin
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5 August 2019
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South Korea and the United States began military maneuvers today that seek to face an alleged emergency on the Korean peninsula, local media reports refer.

The official news agency, Yonhap, published that the exercises will last until Tuesday 20 of this month, and in the first days the southern and US military commanders will limit their war trials at the command post level.

The deployment of medium-range US missiles is not planned in the Republic of Korea, according to the spokeswoman for the country's Ministry of Defense, Choi Hyun Soo.

South Korea and the USA they carry out other military exercises annually under the names of Key Resolve, Foal Eagle and Ulchi Freedom Guardian, actions considered by Pyongyang as of frank military provocation, recalled the Korean Central News Agency (ACNC).

The People's Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK) criticized the UN Security Council this weekend for not putting the start of the current military maneuvers in Seoul and Washington at the center of its attention.

The military exercises south of the 38th parallel, which the PDRK strongly opposes, once again increase the danger of the resumption of the war in force on the Korean peninsula and technically stopped by the Panmunjom armistice of July 27, 1953, according to the ACNC.

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