Latin American Leaders Congratulate Dilma Rousseff

Latin American Leaders Congratulate Dilma Rousseff
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27 October 2014
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Presidents from across the region have welcomed the reelection of Dilma Rousseff, painting it as a victory for a more progressive Latin America.

​President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro was one of the first to join a cavalcade of congratulations on Sunday evening, with his tweet, "Victory to Dilma in Brazil .. Victory of the People .. Victory of Lula and his legacy .. Victory of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean."

Evo Morales, the socialist Bolivian head of state, himself recently reelected with 61 percent of the vote, issued a statement welcoming the continuation of Latin America towards greater social justice.

“We salute the continuation of the model of change in Brazil in the region," adding that the result showed "popular support for politics orientated towards the enrichment of our countries with sovereignty and ending poverty,” he said. 

Morales continued, “It shows an overwhelming vote of confidence in the politics of social change that progressive governments promote in Latin America.”

Other Latin American leaders took to Twitter to offer their congratulations to the left-wing candidate, who overcame won by a three percent margin over her PBSD competitor Aecio Neves.

The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez wrote, “Victory of Dilma, one step more towards consolidation of the Latin American Motherland.”

Ecuador's left-wing leader Rafael Correa was emphatic of his praise for the returning president, “Marvelous triumph of Dilma in Brazil. Our giant continues with the Workers Party. Congratulations Dilma, Lula, Brazil!!!”

Continuing the theme of success for the entire Latin American region, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, president of El Salvador, posted, “Day of celebration in Brazil and Latin America: our people have decided to continue constructing their well-being and happiness.”

Praise came from across the political spectrum, Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos, another Latin American president reelected this year, expressed his intention to cooperate with the Brazilian leader, saying, “We congratulate president Dilma on her reelection. We hope to continue working for the good of both our countries and the region.”

Peruvian premier Ollanta Humala Tasso also joined in the celebrations in his tweet, “A fraternal embrace and my congratulations to Dilma for the victory and through her to all of the Brazilian people, for your future and development.”


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