Xi Jinping Stresses Need of Mutual Respect in USA Negotiations

Xi Jinping Stresses Need of Mutual Respect in USA Negotiations
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5 April 2019

President Xi Jinping on Friday stressed the need to maintain equity, respect and mutual benefit in negotiations with the United States to soon reach an agreement that would halt the trade war.

In a message addressed to his U.S. peer Donald Trump, the president exhorted him to work together because these values prevail, while the parties try to resolve both sides' concerns in economic matters.

Xi praised that the negotiators achieved substantial progress in shaping the pact after contacts were resumed early this year.

He also stressed that the development of healthy and stable relations between China and the United States requires strategic leadership and close communication between him and Trump.

Xi's letter was delivered some few hours ago by Deputy Prime Minister Liu He -chief negotiator of the Chinese team- during a meeting with Trump in Washington.

The bitter dispute marked one year in March, and the White House investigations on the alleged Chinese efforts that allegedly distort the national market to force, press and steal technology and American intellectual property unleashed it.

After knocking into levels of dangerous tension, the relations between Beijing and Washington go down a little, and found a mid-point on those and other important issues in their economic-commercial ties.

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