Ecuador: Final Electoral Stage Shadowed by Dirty Campaign

Ecuador: Final Electoral Stage Shadowed by Dirty Campaign
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28 March 2017
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Quito, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) The electoral campaign in Ecuador, which will soon hold ballotage on April 2nd, is shadowed by the attacks of the right-wing against the Government and its candidates.

From March 10th to 30th, candidates of the ballotage, former deputy president of the Government Lenin Moreno, from the Movimiento Alianza PAIS, and former banker Guillermo Lasso, from CREO-SUMA, travel across the country to win the support of the voters.

Moreno and supporters defend a project to continue the advances achieved during 10 years of Rafael Correa´s management program, focused on public policies in favor of the population.

Meanwhile, Lasso suggests a program considered by many people as uncertain, proposing a change but not mentioning the mechanisms to improve wellbeing of the population and sowing doubts amid voters on the transparency of the work done by the incumbent management.

The dirty campaign of the opposition has attempted to involve electoral partner of Moreno, Jorge Glas, who runs for deputy president, in corruption actions, and has also spread unfounded rumors on fraud in the first elections, denied by the electoral authority and President Correa.

Despite the dirty campaign, opinion polls agreed on the majority support for Moreno-Glas tandem, considered by many people as the choice of the population for its program 'Toda una vida', which seeks to reduce exclusion and improve life-quality of Ecuadorians, deepening into the work carried out in the recent 10 years.

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