Syria: Negotiations for National Reconciliation Active

Syria: Negotiations for National Reconciliation Active
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16 January 2017
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Damascus, Jan 16 (Prensa Latina) Syrian authorities pointed out that negotiations remain active to bring about reconciliation in the eastern Ghuta region, northeast and near Damascus, reported the media in this capital today.

Representatives of the Ceasefire Coordination Center at the Russian base in Hemymin in Latakia province and the governor of Damascus province, Alaá Ibrahimn, also take part in the talks, among others.

The meetings reached a consensus to broaden participation in the whole process that includes armed groups and noted that the general trend among civilians in Ghuta is conducive to reconciliation, noted the sources.

In this regard, they pointed out that armed extremists left nine villages in the Wadi Barada area, such as Huseiniyah, Bargaliya, Kafr al-Awamid, Suk Wadi Barada, Deir Kanun, Deir Makran, Kafr al-Zeit, Basima and Ein al- Fija.

The latter, part of Eastern Ghuta, is strategic because it is the source of drinking water for the Syrian capital and had been sabotaged by terrorists since last month.

According to reports, 1,268 armed insurgents left these settlements and returned to peaceful life, while others, in an unspecified number, obtained the possibility of leaving with their families to the governorship of Idlib.

To date, the reconciliation process in Syria covers more than 1,090 towns and villages.

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