Fidel Castro praises Diego Maradona for World Cup Coverage

Fidel Castro praises Diego Maradona for World Cup Coverage
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26 June 2014
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Fidel Castro has congratulated Diego Maradona for his coverage of the World Cup in a statement released to the Cuban media.

The communist revolutionary former leader of Cuba is also a fan of Lionel Messi and the way he has carried Argentina to victory during the World Cup out in Brazil.

In a statement released on Monday, Castro said: “Unforgettable friend, every day I have the pleasure of following your programme on Telesur on the spectacular World Cup thanks to which I can follow the extraordinary level of this universal sport.

“I also greet Messi, a superb athlete who confers glory on the noble people of Argentina.

“Nothing can surpass the glory and prestige of both, despite the miserable efforts of schemers.”

Castro, 87, then spoke about how sport plays an important role in a child’s development.

“I do not think children from any country can receive an adequate education which does not include sport and, where boys are concerned, football,” he added.

Maradona was a frequent visitor of Cuba as he battled his drug abuse problems and developed a friendship with Castro which has lasted over a decade.

The former striker thanked Castro for his message, describing his friend as “the greatest of all.”

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