Cuban wrestlers lived a victorious 2019

Cuban wrestlers lived a victorious 2019
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3 January 2020
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Wrestling medals for Cuba at the Lima Pan American Games and in the World Wrestling Championships in Kazakhstan during the 2019 competitive calendar were highlighted today by the sports publication JIT.

'Cuban wrestling experienced an intense and fruitful season, as a prelude to a 2020 in which we could record the greatest milestone in the history of that sport worldwide,' the publication stressed, before highlighting the achievements of star wrestlers Mijaín López and Ismael Borrero, both Greco-Roman style.

López, in the 130 kilogram division, secured his fifth continental gold medal in the Peruvian capital, after defeating Venezuelan Moisés Pérez 9-0 in the final.

At 37 years of age, the athlete showed that his physical and sports skills have not diminished, despite the passage of time and the emergence of new generations.

As part of his strategy, Lopez was absent from the competition in Nur-Sultán, with the aim of regathering his strength to ensure optimal conditions for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

JIT, official publication of the Cuban Sports Institute, also extolled the figure of Borrero, in the 67 kg category, who took gold in Peru and Kazakhstan.

Likewise, JIT recognized the results of Oscar Pino (130 kg), world silver medallist; Milaymis Marín (76 kg) Junior World Wrestling Champion; and Gabriel Rosillo (97 kg), triple Pan American and World Youth Champion.

Gladiators such as Yowlys Bonne (61 kg), Yurieski Torreblanca (86 kg), Geandry Garzón (74 kg) and Alejandro Valdés (65 kg), in the case of the men; and Lianna Montero (53 kg), Yudaris Sánchez (68 kg), Milaymis Marín (76 kg) and Yusneylis Guzmán (50 kg), in the women's section, also received praise after completing the previous season.

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