Muñoz in Miami: "Yes, I am revolutionary" (VIDEO)

Muñoz in Miami: "Yes, I am revolutionary" (VIDEO)
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13 October 2014
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Before answering the journalists’ questions, the Cuban baseball player said that all he wanted was respect for his identity and his Cuban people.

Asked about the results of the Cuban players who are playing at the MLB at present, specifically the case of Pito Abreu, who was trained by the Giant in Cuba, Muñoz assured that his numbers didn’t surprise him “because for me our baseball is the best in the world, since it was the one I played. But our baseball has a level and here they look for men from other countries becuase of their quality and pay them, hence he stood out among those men. So I admire him as I admire Puig, Arrebaruena, as I admire all Cubans who have passed through Big and Minor leagues and have shown the quality of Cuban baseball”.

Regarding this issue, the Escambray Giant ascertained that “the quality of Cuban baseball hasn’t decreased in Cuba today, but there was a moment in which a group of athletes retired and I think they could still have played. I can also tell you about Cienfuegos, where a group of players with the quality of Pito Abreu, Arrebaruena and others who came here and those positions remained null, but now we’re working hard geared at forming a team because we have talent and quality there”.

When asked whether those new stars decide to go there too, Muñoz replied that he could not respond for them.

About the temptation meant by the high salaries those baseball players earn, Muñoz said: "I live with the one I have in Cuba, I’m not interested. The player who signs is the one that must be tempted, I don’t sign that salary because I live with what the Cuban government and the people of Cuba give me.

So you’re revolutionary? –someone asked.

"Yes, I am revolutionary, the Giant replied firmly, because I was born in Cuba and I have never criticized anyone who comes here. But I’m revolutionary because I was educated within the Revolution, I live with the Revolution and it has given me a lot of opportunities”.

According to the official newspaper of the anti-Cuba mafia in Miami, El Nuevo Herald, Muñoz’s words led to a discussion that finished after the Escambray Giant was taken away.

The legendary Cuban baseball player is in Miami for a week invited by a group of friends.

Translated by Cubasi Translation Staff

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