Obama May Still Weaken the Blockade against Cuba

Obama May Still Weaken the Blockade against Cuba
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21 October 2016
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Barack Obama may still take several steps to weaken the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba, affirmed authorities, the people and the media in this Caribbean country.

According to a list published today by Granma newspaper on the occasion of the upcoming presentation to the UN General Assembly of a report on the need to end the U.S. blockade, Obama is capable of allowing the island to open offices of traveling information in the United States.

He also has the power to authorize exports to Cuba of U.S. products for key sectors of the economy such as mining, tourism, biotechnology and oil production.

The U.S. president could also give 'green light' to imports into his country of Cuban goods and products, beyond those produced by the non-state sector, as well as those made from Cuban raw materials.

Obama also has the power to allow the export to Cuba of medical supplies and equipment for the creation of biotech products and to expand the forms of collaboration in the development, marketing and supply of medicines and biomedical articles, including direct investment by U.S. companies.

Moreover, President Obama may allow banks and Cuban companies opening accounts in US banks and instruct the representatives of that country in international financial institutions not to block the transfer of credits or other facilities.

Since Washington and Havana announced the restoration of the diplomatic relations, Obama took several measures that, although well received on the island, were considered insufficient to end the economic, financial and commercial blockade.

Next October 26, the United Nations General Assembly will discuss for the twenty-fifth time a Cuban report on the damage of the blockade and the need to put an end to it. Last year the vote ended with 191 countries in favor of Cuba and only two against, the United States and Israel.

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