Massacre-Florida: Who is the Boss in the United States?

Massacre-Florida: Who is the Boss in the United States?
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14 June 2016
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The rifle of Orlando’s massacre is easier to buy than an iPhone.

What happened last Sunday in the Floridian city of Orlando corroborates where the true power resides in the United States.

Pulse nightclub witnessed the killing of 49 people and the toll of 43 wounded.

A 29 year-old North American youngster shot them, Omar Mateen Seddique, of Afghan origin, who later killed a cop.

Among the wounded, according to journalistic and consular sources, was a Colombian, Paula Andrea Blanco, and a Mexican, Javier Dale Coria.  

The Orlando medical organization Health indicated this Sunday that they were still performing surgeries.

It youngest victim Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, 20 years old, and the eldest, Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velásquez, 50.

Among the 26 killed identified, 22 are of Latin origin, most of them attending the Noche Latina, organized by the nightclub, and they were Latinos.

According to the Spanish agency EFE, the scenario of that hideous slaughter is frequented by “gays, lesbians, bisexual and transsexual."

The same agency said: the killer from Orlando is a lone wolf “well-known by the FBI."

Another Spanish source, El, with the help of the British newspaper The Guardian made an assessment on the event.

They assert that the case in Orlando proves the difficulties created in the United States to investigations on terrorist acts.

They added that the walls exist even for the FBI “even when the suspect has been interrogated and put under surveillance."

They support this claim on the case aforementioned.

The FBI had investigated the perpetrator Mateen Seddique for his links with a man from Florida who acted as terrorist in Syria.

However, the FBI reached the conclusion that his connections were "minimum."

The FBI also closed an investigation on people who later committed an aggression, as it’s the case of the Tsarnaev siblings, authors of the attack to the Boston Marathon 2013.

Finally they mentioned the multiple killings at the LGTB club of Orlando, carried out by a man whose links with terrorism had been qualified as "unsubstantial."

Washington claims that the terrorists called “lone wolves” are difficult to identify before they perpetrate their acts.

But in the case of the attacker from Orlando the appearance of that sort of wolf was broadly known by the FBI.

However he carelessly walked into a store and bought an assault rifle with which he shots his victims.

Other shocking case of impunity and the gigantic power held by the United States the National Rifle Association.

Just one of the multimillionaire corporations that govern in the United States.

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