US Is the Most Dangerous Country in the World, Says La Jornada

US Is the Most Dangerous Country in the World, Says La Jornada
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1 December 2015
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Protesters against police violence march toward the White House in Washington.

Each day, 89 people die in the U.S. Each year, 32,000. Between 2001 and 2013, over 406,000 people have been shot to death.

The United States is historically the most dangerous country in the world as well as the most fearful and unsafe, Mexican newspaper La Jornada stated Monday in an opinion article.

“Everything (in the U.S.) is about threat, everything is dangerous and everybody is a suspect,” the daily wrote. “And although politicians and mainstream media insist threats come from the exterior—such as Islamic State terrorist, drug traffickers, Colombians, Mexicans, Venezuelans and non-white immigrants—the true menace to the country comes from within.”    

La Jornada reiterated that the real threat is U.S.-made and is “usually very white.”

According to the daily, during Washington's “war on terror” from 2001 to 2013, 406,486 people were shot to death in the United States.

The article cites figures released by the U.S. State Department, during that same period, 350 U.S. citizens died in “acts of terrorism” outside the United States.

“If you add the September 11 deaths and other acts of terror committed by white U.S. terrorists, the death toll is 3,380,” the newspaper noted.

It added that 89 people died each day by firearm. This adds up to 32,000 a year, according to the Brady Campaign.


La Jornada questioned why there are about 300 million weapons in homes across the United States, and said the answer is obvious:

“It is to protect themselves from internal threats and insecurity.”

The daily accused U.S. politicians of being exclusively responsible for the violation of the Constitution, civil liberties and fundamental human rights.

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