The Price Evo Morales Ayma is Paying

The Price Evo Morales Ayma is Paying
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12 November 2019
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Evo resigns in the name of peace in Bolivia, with total detachment. However, there are still those who insist on saying that he is paying «the ambition for power».

The legitimate President of Bolivia, elected sovereignly and democratically, has not been able to finish his term because a violent coup d’état put him to choose between defending his position and watch his people’s blood spilled.

Evo Morales chooses, as always, for his people, to prevent traitors from massacring them. The president resigns in the name of peace in Bolivia, with total detachment and humility. However, there are still those who insist on saying that Evo is paying «the ambition for power».

Those who seek justifications for what is going on in Bolivia only reproduce an old and cynical bourgeois argument: the poor are to blame for their poverty, blacks are responsible for racism, and women have themselves get raped and Evo, the Indigenous, socialist, elected at the polls president is guilty, and not a victim, of the coup.

Evo is paying, for sure, the ambition of the oligarchs, who lost dearly while the people won. They cannot tolerate the decrease of extreme poverty in Bolivia from approximately 38% to 15%, the reduction of illiteracy to 2% and the unemployed rate by more than half, from 8% to 4%. They don't forgive him for filling the gap between the rich and the poor.

The President of Bolivia is paying for being an indigenous and keep that condition with pride and faithfully. For raising the flag of the plurinational state, the multicolored wiphala, under which being a woman or belonging to the original peoples makes you no lesser, and a 30-year-old young lady can be at the head of the Senate. The flag of inclusion for everybody.

Evo Morales Ayma is paying for not complying with the United States; for supporting Cuba and Venezuela, Cristina, Lula, Correa; be faithful to the legacy of Fidel and Chavez; for joining ALBA and not FTAA; the irreverence of affirming that in the United States there are no coups because there is no U.S. embassy.

The price paid by Evo and Bolivia is that of neoliberal pride, for not selling his country, for not giving it in. The price Evo Morales is paying are the mineral resources of his nation, which he did not trade for a pat on the back from Washington or a nod from the OAS; the 74 billion he returned to Bolivia with the nationalizations.

Evo is paying a high price, but he has no debt to his people.

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