Trump and Friends: Exorcizing Satanics

Trump and Friends: Exorcizing Satanics
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12 February 2019
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The former republican candidate visited an evangelical church of Cleveland where he was the center of the attractive ritual on behalf of the shepherd of the congregation and the churchgoers gathered.

Two years and a few months later he has repeated the event again, but having this time the daughter of Hillary, Chelsea, as scapegoat because he had thanked out of courtesy, her words, a greeting from the Satan Church sent via Internet.

Chelsea’s unexpected act resonated in church circles again, with new calls to protect Trump from all evil, being the main voice of one of the Protestant churches, which are majority in the U.S.

In this panorama some have wondered that it’s possible that the different cults attributed to Satanism even have less reactionary thoughts than the head of the White House and the cabinet accompanying him.

Let’s not forget that a satanic sect, that committed racist crimes, crucifying and burning their victims at the stake, which still exist, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has been associated repeatedly to the Trump family and the President himself who has repeatedly used the influence and money of the faithful who proclaim themselves religious and promote white supremacy.

This entire campaign supporting Trump has intensified by a group that identifies itself with a Q in flags and sweaters, named QAnon which is defaming those who criticize the president, like the famous Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Merrill Streep, as well as the U2 Irish singer, Bono who says that "the United States is the best idea of what has happened to the world, but Donald Trump it’s, potentially, the worst idea that happened to the country". During an interview to a CBS journalist, Charlie Rosen affirmed: It can destroy the United States."

As for the QAnon group, the idea of having the letter Q as symbol and sign of identity, is a very common MO. As referred researcher Daniel Keller, the strongest followers, fans of Trump even "have the magic construction of the cartoon or meme, which they defend that something can become true through mystic events; using the memes, or repeating a mantra, until it becomes truth."

“This is a continuation of the Nazi mysticism”, and he sentenced: "the III Reich already toyed with pagan European religions previous to Christianity."

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