Off the Pool, José Antonio Guerra Swims Against the Tide

Off the Pool, José Antonio Guerra Swims Against the Tide
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23 March 2018
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After almost 30 years inside pools José Antonio Guerra, the best Cuban grateful as the best Cuban diver of all times, he never thought that off the pools an even more tiring struggle was waiting for him.

If you become a coach and take your work seriously, exhausting days will be part of your everyday life. Guerra remain in the Cuban national team for over two decades and became one of the oldest divers worldwide.

Today whistle to his lips, wearing a cap and sun glasses, the charismatic former athlete already looks like a typical swimming coach, he shouts orders all over to his disciples without letting the uncomfortable recorder of the reporter disturb him.

With his thumbs he approves and disapproves, with his voice he encourages them to do their best, and with his look, the current head of the national team spreads respect in those who at some point in their training will receive with approval a sentence of sarcasm.

During the last years of my sport career I had the chance to earn the trust of the boys and that enabled a more comfortable transition to a position of directing, explains the silver medal winner in 10-meter platform in Montreal 2005.

It meant a difficult twist to lead a group of coaches at a domestic level, now I have fewer time than before, but it’s a challenge I face with responsibility and great desire, Guerra considers Lino Socorro, the author of the achievements in this discipline in Cuba, an example to look up to.

I need Lino all the time, every time a problems comes up I get my cellphone and ask for his opinion knowing his advice comes from experience and success, says José Antonio.

It was him who pushed me to study and self-teaching before retirement, although I truly doubt he completely retires from the diving tanks, born in eastern Santiago de Cuba.

About the state of diving in Cuba, Guerra highlights the youth of the main figures of the Cuban team who set their goals in synchronized events keeping in sight the Central American and the Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Now it’s my turn to se the game from the benches, my task now is to provide knowledge and remember with nostalgia the moments of glory, said the Pan-American champion of Rio de Janeiro 2007 and Toronto 2015.

Cubasi translation staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

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