Washington: Plans against Cuba lay bare

Washington: Plans against Cuba lay bare
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15 August 2014
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This policy is part of that old U.S. behavior of dethroning all governments opposed to their projects of resources plundering, political dominance, and impoverishment of people…

This policy emerges from laws attempting to destroy the Cuban Revolution. Among them, there is one regarding the blockade, which has been harshly toughened by Obama by increasing the amount of fines to foreign banks operating in Cuba. But this is also part of that old U.S. behavior of deposing all governments opposed to their projects of resources plundering, political dominance, and impoverishment of people by means of subversion or war.

From 2002 to date, we have witnessed coup d’états attempts in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Indeed, coup d’états in Honduras and Paraguay were successfully accomplished. Actions aiming at financial and media destabilization have been also carried out against Argentina and Brazil. U.S. plans to overthrow Venezuelan government, relaunched in February 2014 and defeated (only postponed) by the active actions of Chavez´s supporters, meet all the elements of the so-called Fourth-generation war, prevailing element in the destabilization strategy of U.S. all over the world.

The US offensive against Russia and the siege over China are examples of highly-complex, versatile subversive actions, embedded in the rising of their aggressiveness and eagerness to maintain an already weaken dominance.

The most recent leaks about Cuba reveal the hiring of young Costa Ricans, Peruvians, and Venezuelans whose goals were to recruit possible dissidents in Cuban universities. These activists would later play the role of organizers of a “velvet” revolution. The AP has released the names of their top agents. When this project is linked to the mission of USAID contractor Alan Gross, currently serving a prison sentence in Cuba, and the so-called Zunzuneo, and Piramideo —Twitter-like social networks to unite thousands of Cuban people to carry out destabilization actions— it takes shape a very-well orchestrated plan to boost up a future rebellion in Cuba.

The AP already showed us that Mr. Alan Gross is not that noble Jewish man praised by the State Department, who brought internet to such religious community in Cuba. Although the trial proved convincingly all the crimes, it is relevant that the AP — the most renowned news agency in the U.S. — confirmed the facts: Gross was in Cuba installing communication technologies used by the Pentagon and the CIA, such activities violated gravely our national law and sovereignty. By the way, it is clear that Washington is not worried about the luck of the contractor as hypocritically states since the U.S. government has increased the number of subversive actions against Cuba.

Given the resounding failure to have created in the island an opposing force against the Revolution, the United States seems to have instead pushed forcefully for a rebellion led by young people. As they still have in prison three Cubans unfairly, they avoid risking their agents in Cuba and recrui young subcontractors from Latin America, who can deny their involvement in the future.

Victim of their irreversible inability to analyze the complex Cuban society, Washington behaves as if most of Cuban young people were not supporting the revolutionary process; as if they were not patriotic, determined to face any imperialist subversion plan even though the vision of some aspects of Cuban daily life can be regarded as critical.

The U.S. indecency reaches the limit when they even organized a workshop for the prevention of VIH/AIDS as a façade in their attempts to recruit young people in the University of Santa Clara. Cuba is the Caribbean country with less illness rate, much less than the U.S. themselves and Canada!

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