Miami: The worst in the States?

Miami: The worst in the States?
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30 June 2016
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In 2012, Forbes named Miami “the most Miserable City of the Country” in 2012.

Thus was published this Wednesday in Miami a New Herald journalist, Michelle Kaufman. Browsing a website of Wall Street, dedicated to news and financial opinions, he assures that the Floridian city is the worst to live in the U.S.

Immediately, Kaufman exposes her arguments to prove it.

She began requesting to forget that, among other virtues, it has a warm weather, worldwide famous beaches, cruises trips, tourists, a vibrant multicultural community, amusing night life and a colossal silhouette.

But, Kaufman highlights with a bit of sarcasm, before going to your favorite beach make sure "is not contaminated by bacteria."

The aforementioned study of Wall Street asserted that the medium price of a house in Miami reaches 245 000 dollars, way above the national average which figure go up to the 181 000.

She also said that with a middle family income, equally below the national standard, many of those houses can’t be afforded by many of its residents.

Hence the Wall Street assessment placing Miami below a "frozen city" like Detroit.

A recent poll carried out by the Economic Politics Institute revealed that in the so-called City of Sun the gap between poor and rich is deeper than in other territories.

In Miami the violent rate escalates to 1060 for every 100 thousand inhabitants, a figure greater than the national rate.

This, according to the study, unleashes among other issues, imprisonments, labor uncertainty, children with less education and mounting anxiety.

Michelle Kaufman remembers that three years ago, after carrying out a thorough investigation, Forbes magazine named Miami "The Most Miserable City of the Country".

Now Wall Street was responsible to assert it.

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