Top Cuban Diplomat Warns Blockade Against Cuba Remains in Full Force

Top Cuban Diplomat Warns Blockade Against Cuba Remains in Full Force
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29 February 2016
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Josefina Vidal, Director General for the United States in the Cuban Foreign Ministry, warned that Washington's over 50-year economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba remains in full force and thorough enforcement.

In her Twitter account, Josefina Vidal noted that a U.S. company has been fined for trading with Cuba, confirming that the blockade remains in force.

This time, the U.S. Halliburton Corporation -- which specializes in oil field services -- must pay over 304,000 dollars for a 2011 commercial exchange with Cuba Petroleo Company in a oil drilling project in Cabinda, Angola.

Just days ago, on February 22nd, the United States Treasury Department had imposed a $614,250 fine on the French oil group CGG Services S.A. for violating regulations of Washington's blockade against Cuba.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry has warned that such sanctions are designed to deter companies from the U.S. and other nations from doing business with Cuba, and has reaffirmed the need to eliminate the blockade and advance in restoring bilateral relations.

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