Cuban Legislators Call for Environmental Education at Climate Event

Cuban Legislators Call for Environmental Education at Climate Event
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9 December 2015
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Cuban legislators stressed here today the importance of environmental education as one of the elements to face up climate change efficiently.

Educating since early ages in issues related to the care of environment is necessary, Adianez Taboada, vice president of the Commission on education, culture, science, technology and environment at the islandâÖs Parliament, told Prensa Latina.

Taboada, who attended an event of legislators about the issue, parallel to the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change, COP21, running in this capital, expressed that the concretion of policies with funds is also essential.

They should include the use of science and technological innovation, and technology transfer, to mitigate the effect of climate change, she stressed.

The problem of common, but differentiated responsibilities was a principle to which representatives of many delegations referred to, she said.

The fundamental motivation of the meeting was on how to contribute from the Parliaments to all policies that are established in the governments to alleviate the damages of the mentioned phenomenon, she noted.

About this issue, legislator Jose Rubiera, director of the Forecast Center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology, emphasized that climate change is a dangerous problem from whose existence, we have no doubt. If urgent measures are not adopted, that phenomenon will cause several consequences of all kind.

Knowing that, COP21 gives hope that the governments worldwide can agree to limit the rise in temperature two degrees Celcius by 2050.

Small islands, small island states, developing nations, which are those that emit less greenhouse gases, are going to suffer the largest effects of the climate change. This is already seen with tide increase, tropical cyclones and all climate damages that could have or come in the future, he said.

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