Miami-Health: Its "Secret" World

Miami-Health: Its "Secret" World
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13 July 2015
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A New Herald journalist wrote a suggestive articulate entitled "The Dark Paths of Medicine in Miami."

It appeared this weekend, signed by Rui Ferreira and it approached the existence of a dark environment in medicine in that town.

Ferreira begins his writing speaking about a clinic where several patients make line.

The line disappears and a bit later a long wait begins for those gathered there.

The first condition is to be examined by a doctor or a nurse that will have them take the mandatory assays.

Rui Ferreira writes that they would spend hours talking about how they arrived in the United States escaping from a miserable life “so perhaps later they would face an even worse future."

In such circumstance they found out to have the same characteristic, they are people without medical insurance or illegal immigrants.

The article also mentions a large amount of needed moving in the underground world of Miami and who, like every human being, also get sick.


It mentions the case of a Honduran woman, Mariana: "I have no choice. My employer doesn't pay us medical insurance. I work half time and my back hurts a lot."

It added that she visits that sanitary institution because their prices are cheaper.

Ferreira says that their owners take into account a low-revenue clientele forced to pay for the service.

It also notifies that the first visit costs 40 dollars, the second and third 25 and so forth.

The journalist from the Herald informs that the realization of several clinical analyses at once is more than 100 dollars.

What about the places for people who have medical insurance? It could be trice higher.

Rui Ferreira manifested that next to that underground industry there’s another one, the drug stores selling medications without prescription.

One of the main causes of everything exposed about what happens involving this issue in Miami?

The high price of health insurance imposed many to their inhabitants when the effects of economic crisis jump to the eye.

Statistics show that 21% of them don't have medical insurance, as well the fact that nobody knows how many of them are illegal and have no documents.

That’s how life goes by, for many, in the so called City of Sun.

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