Radio Rebelde, the Revolution’s Radio Station

Radio Rebelde, the Revolution’s Radio Station
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24 February 2017
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Amid the struggle for the final independence, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro saw the need to inform people who were sick of listening to radio soap operas and commercials. They needed to know the truth, about the heroic action of fighting back a bloody tyranny, a prowess told in the very voice of the heroes who made it possible.

Radio Rebelde founded on February 24, 1958 by Commander Ernesto Guevara, in Altos de Conrado, in Sierra Maestra, and its strength shook the entire country.

The newly created radio station opened its broadcast with the Invader Hymn. It took only twenty minutes for speakers to present the first war dispatch on Pino del Agua Combat and other actions of the Guerrilla led by Che, its founder.

The Director around that time, Captain Luis Orlando Rodríguez, read an editorial related with the Cry for Independence of February 24, 1895 and the creation of the guerilla radio station.

In one of its first comments, the station would define its editorial line:

"Radio Rebelde is created to contribute to the need and useful orientation of the people in this key hour of our homeland, to spread the true intention of this struggle and to practice virtue wherever it is. And to join, love, and live in the passion of truth as José Martí said".

The Cuban town heard that proposal of José Martí’s preaching and absolute truthfulness.

The radio station was riskily moved to Sierra Maestra, the heart of our homeland was in it. Radio Rebelde was a challenge for the media that, mostly acted as messengers of the dominant bourgeoisie. Breaking all rules, this Radio grew, to become in a few months, the radio station with greater domestic audience.

As Fidel Castro expressed, years later: "In Radio Rebelde not a bullet more was added, neither a lie was told".

Today Radio Rebelde has the challenge of informing to a more learned people; of exchanging with a critical and demanding audience that expects journalism similar to our time and programs that reflect the heartbeat of Cuba’s current society.

We have been and we will be present in the greatest moments of this nation. But we will also keep telling everyday life stories, those that in every corner of the island, in cities or country fields, lift the spirit from the greatness of the common man.

We will meet our challenge, if we attain what an “anonymous Cuban” wrote in a letter to the radio station on November 11, 1958:

"Go ahead Radio Rebelde, stay there in your watchtower of Sierra Maestra, spreading to the air your words of encouragement that every night when we listen to you, the whole people of Cuba just like General Antonio, when walking on Cuban soil, has to resurge his soldier spirit. Here, Radio Rebelde!, we will keep listening."

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