Florida: The Weapons’ Lovers

Florida: The Weapons’ Lovers
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21 February 2017
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That territory lives a show hard to understand, fierce legislators who approve the use of them.  

Thus was notified by MiamiDiario last Monday which was even clearer in the following title: “They don't want to have weapon-free areas."  

At the same time, they presented to the Florida Legislature a bill to legalize weapons possession in Florida.

In order to smooth the content they wanted to be "concealed".

Where would they exhibit them? Among other places at the Miami Dolphins games, the bars, even electoral colleges.

The proposal responds, according to two conservative republican legislators, to events like the Pulse massacre, in Orlando, and the shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport.  

MiamiDiario affirms that the aforementioned legislators want to eliminate all the "weapon-free areas" of Florida.

How many so far? Fifteen, where state laws don't authorize the open possession of weapons not even concealed.

The pretext to back up the initiative falls upon Senator Dennis Baxley, from Ocala, and of the representative Don Hahnfeldt, from The Villages.

They allege their proposal aims at giving greater control, among other things, to personal security and businesses, all thanks to carrying concealed weapons.  

If the SB 908/HB 803 gets to be a law, it would give green light to carry them in many places where now it is forbidden.

Like sea ports, police stations, Highway Patrols, jails, courts, passenger terminals and public schools from Kinder to colleges.

Don Hahnfeldt pointed out that they will only keep untouched restrictions imposed by federal laws.  

Then he added: "The weapon-free areas have been a failure", because they left businesses most susceptible to sustain damages and lesions perpetuated by criminals.

Analysts considered, such words – like it or not – show to a great extent the true colors of their bill.

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