You may wonder why we vote

You may wonder why we vote
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28 November 2022
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This November 27, millions of Cubans voted for the delegates to the People’s Council across the island. A Sunday to renew the foundations of our system of government and confirm our socialist democracy.


Despite so many obstacles: pandemic, hurricanes, a growing media and economic war against us for over 60 years now, most of Cubans voted.


Shortage of all kinds, mistakes that hurt as well, emigration that also hurts the nation’s soul, none of it prevented elections from happening.


Why? Many people exercised their right to vote and they did so “for them, their family, neighbors, and neighborhood. By doing so, I defended my values as a Cuban individual and revolutionary educator. I contributed to the future of the nation,” posted young teacher Jorge Alejandro González García.


Meanwhile, René Quirós, an art instructor from Matanzas, who has trained generations of boys and girls, affirmed: "I voted for the homeland of Martí, Fidel, for mine, for Democracy and Socialism."


For Silvano Merced Len, Dean of the Sports University, it is about complying with "our duty and responsibility as citizens" while the Director of the National Center for Sexual Education, Mariela Castro Espín, exercised her ", direct and secret vote on behalf of sovereignty, socialist democracy, the people’s power. Because it is a right and a duty of citizenship. Because there are no electoral campaigns. Because the ballot boxes are guarded by girls and boys from the "José Martí" Pioneers Organization and because the people decide. Our goal is to boast Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power meeting their responsibilities.


Outside Facebook, in the streets, at the entrance of any poll station, at the bus stop, in the line to buy some expensive bread, we also knew that some fellow countrymen voted as well.


Jennifer voted for the second time in her life. Her first was the Family Code voting: “I voted because it is my right, but also my duty. I want a better country and we, young people, are responsible for carrying the country forward. It is our responsibility.”


With nearly 8-month-old pregnancy, the agility of Anaelis is impressive. We learned about her reasons for voting by telephone:


"Look, three of my best friends have left Cuba this year with their families, meanwhile, I decided to have my girl in Cuba. I don't think I need to explain much more. I voted for the socialist democracy in which I want my baby girl to grow up. Because I need her to live in a country where children, and not soldiers, are the ones guarding ballot boxes.”


For Yuniel, it is not a matter of political militancy: "this is a matter of civility. I have Spanish citizenship. I am living in Cuba now and of course I went to vote. If I decide to stay in Spain tomorrow, I will vote too because it is a citizen right.”


In the same school in Havana, Tania voted: "I came to vote for my neighbor, who has earned it by working tirelessly as a delegate in the previous term, that's the first thing," she explains and the she pauses, smiling:


"But above all, I came to vote for the Cuban Revolution, because we have had what it takes to organize a socialist democracy right at the nose of the United States, the icon of false democracy and with that powerful enemy attacking us from all sides. I came because I freely choose the People's Power and not that of money, that of politicking, which is sold to us as an ideal."


Arnaldo Rodríguez also shared a selfie on social networks. And from the poll station to the recording studio to do what he does best: music. In a break during the recording of the song that he has dedicated to Pinar del Río. He told us: "I voted for the country, for the neighborhood, for the community. Voting is not only a duty and a right, but also an expression of freedom and culture.”


If you wonder why we vote, we leave you several answers there. Diverse as we are, sincere and happy as a song, then, perhaps, you will wonder why we sing. Well, we vote and sing...


...because it rains on the furrow

And we are militants of life

And because we can't and we don't want

the song to turn into ash


We sing because the cry is not enough

And it's not enough crying or anger

We sing because we believe in people

And because we will overcome defeat."


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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