A wild woman... a mother

A wild woman... a mother
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12 December 2023
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Like an urban chronicle, with a sound work that resembles superimposed layers of the soundtrack excerpts of a city, takes place The Wild Woman, the Cuban film directed by Alan González that is candidate to win the Coral Award in the First Work section.

It is an arduous story, set in relative marginality... relative, assuming that the plot includes many Cubans. The challenges of everyday life are recreated in a stark portrait, which does not spare physical and psychological violence, but also does not spare a subtle tenderness, the love that ends up imposing itself, maternal love.

The naturalism of the setting is well assumed by the cast, in a narrative that gradually reveals its logic.

Tribute to Juan Padrón

The Juan Padrón Latin American and Caribbean Animation Forum met until this Monday. Throughout its history, the Festival has promoted excellent animated films, designed for all audiences. This section, in addition to its theoretical program, involves advising on projects in development within the specialty. The tribute to the unforgettable Juan Padrón, father of that Cuban icon named Elpidio Valdés, is permanent.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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