White coat warriors, their lives at the service of all

White coat warriors, their lives at the service of all
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11 February 2022
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They all deserve recognition from their professions or trades, but today, February 11, National Women Physicians Day, is a special day for our white coat warriors who have tirelessly fought against this pandemic. They have not stopped working even when they have been distant from their children, their family, and with no time for themselves. 

Women doctors in Cuba have guaranteed the health of thousands of sick and convalescents. They have ensured the breathing of patients in intensive care, the vital treatments in minors with COVID-19, senior citizens suffering from both their medical condition and loneliness. In addition to their care work, affection and human warmth have been present.

In Cuba, women are treated as equal to men in all. There is no discrimination or jealousy. There are men and women working as taxi drivers. Women are engineers, masons, firefighters, academics, artists, philosophers, nurses. In the health care sector, women represent 70.3 % of the 497, 593 workers in the sector.

Today is the perfect occasion to congratulate so many Cuban scientists who contributed with the fact that Cuba boasts its own homegrown anti-Covid-19 vaccines: Soberana and Abdala, highly effective for all ages, the elderly, pregnant women, and even for children over two years of age. Cubans were the first to be part of a massive vaccination campaign.

And this celebration is a favorable opportunity to thank nurses, technicians, and workers from other areas who shoulder the duty of saving lives. They have all fulfilled a strategic mission, each one from their posts. From their perspectives, they have sought company, hope, a future to live for.

There are so many beautiful stories since the triumph of the Revolution. The image of both a doctor from the community clinic and the literacy teacher thus show, even without color, the human character that emerged and spread across the island once the project headed for a more social, friendly, spiritual approach, away from materialistic precepts.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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