Washington sends advanced weapons to illegal bases in Syria

Washington sends advanced weapons to illegal bases in Syria
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4 April 2023
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A US convoy made up of dozens of trucks loaded with advanced war material entered Syrian territory on Sunday and headed for the illegal Pentagon bases in this Levantine nation.

Activists quoted by the national agency SANA indicated that the column is made up of 60 armored vehicles and containers loaded with weapons and ammunition, as well as tanker trucks destined for the transport of looted Syrian oil.

They clarified that the caravan came from the north of neighboring Iraq and entered the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakeh through the illegal crossing of Al-Walid, and was guarded by three US military vehicles.

According to the sources, this war material is intended to support the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF), a North American mercenary separatist militia, and other illegal armed groups sponsored by Washington, and used, according to complaints from Damascus, in attacks against civilian communities, infrastructure oil company and Army positions.

The United States maintains nearly a dozen illegal bases in the oil and gas fields, without the consent of the country’s legitimate authorities. The Government of Damascus repeatedly denounced this unauthorized presence, which it described as an occupation, and assured that these actions encourage terrorist activity.

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