Vietnam - Cuba relations far beyond all diplomatic, political levels: official

Vietnam - Cuba relations far beyond all diplomatic, political levels: official
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25 September 2023
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The relations between Vietnam and Cuba are very special, far beyond all diplomatic and political levels, said Secretary General of the National Assembly (NA) of People’s Power and the Council of State of Cuba Homero Acosta Alvarez.

He made the remark during an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency ahead of a visit to Vietnam from September 24 to 28 by Politburo member and President of the NA of People's Power of Cuba Esteban Lazo Hernandez, who will also represent the Cuban Party and State leaders to attend a ceremony marking 50 years since Cuban leader Fidel Castro visited the liberated zone in South Vietnam in September 1973.

He noted that Cuba has diplomatic ties with many countries, but its relations with Vietnam are far beyond all diplomatic and political levels. They are the relations between two fraternal nations forged in the heat of their struggles against capitalism and the building of socialism.

The official said that the Cuban people still keep in mind the image of Fidel Castro visiting the liberated zone in Quang Tri in September 1973. There, the Cuban leader passed Parallel 17, the provisional military demarcation line between North and South Vietnam, and held aloft the flag of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. It was a significant event in the traditional fraternal ties between the two countries and also marked a stride in the rare special bilateral relations.

According to him, the trip by President of the Cuban NA Esteban Lazo is another contribution to the friendship between the two peoples, Parties, and States, following many mutual visits by the countries’ leaders.

During the trip, the Cuban NA President will have meetings with key leaders of Vietnam so as to seek ways for keeping strengthen legislative ties, along with economic and trade cooperation which should be elevated on par with political relations.

In addition, biotechnology, agriculture, fisheries, sports, and culture are also fields in which both sides boast fruitful cooperation in, Alvarez remarked, recommending that the immediate task is to consolidate what the countries have had and continue to further promote cooperation for the sake of the two peoples.

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