Venezuelans to vote Yes for the Guyana Esequibo

Venezuelans to vote Yes for the Guyana Esequibo
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6 November 2023
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Twenty seven days before the consultative referendum in defense of the Guyana Esequibo, National Assembly (Parliament) President Jorge Rodriguez called on people to vote five times yes in the popular referendum.

“Let’s go Venezuela, Beloved Homeland!” the legislator posted on his X account in reference to the five questions approved by the National Electoral Council (CNE), which will be submitted to public scrutiny by direct and secret vote on December 3.

The chief of the “Venezuela Toda” national campaign command, created by President Nicolas Maduro for the elections, called to not allow the Guyanese Government “to snatch what it is ours by right and by history from us to hand it over to Exxon Mobil.”

In a video posted on X, the MP stated that Guyanese authorities rejected the dialogue called by the Venezuelan Government on multiple times, according to the Geneva Agreement of 1966, which establishes to settle the territorial dispute through dialogue.

“Now they are terrified” with the consultative referendum, which was called for the people, in one voice, to come out to defend a territory that belongs to Venezuela by history, tradition and law, he affirmed.

The legislator stressed that Guyanese authorities are terrified because “they want is to perpetrate a robbery of a sea that has not yet been delimited,” and charged that the goal is to hand over “the enormous oil resources to their owners from Exxon Mobil.”

May the “entire planet hear your voice on December 3: Say five times yes to the Essequibo Guyana, yes to our right to the future and to the great phrase: the Sun of Venezuela is born in the Essequibo,” Rodriguez remarked.

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