Venezuela disqualified Guyana’s arguments before the ICJ

Venezuela disqualified Guyana’s arguments before the ICJ
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15 November 2023
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Venezuela's Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, today disqualified Guyana's arguments before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by describing them as lies and manipulations.

“More than arguments, they were lies and manipulations”, stressed the vice-president at the exit of the Court, once the neighboring country presented its arguments before the court.

Rodriguez declared to the press that Guyana’s request to prevent the Venezuelan people from voting on December 3 in the consultative referendum constitutes “a kind of instrumentalization and judicial colonialism”.

She affirmed that they want to turn the ICJ into the instrument to stop the popular consultation and request that the Venezuelan people do not vote.

In the opinion of the high authority, this is “absolutely extraordinary, shocking, astonishing, barbaric”, to come to The Hague to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela and its internal constitutional order.

The also Minister of Economy, Planning and Foreign Trade expressed feeling “very astonished” because they are not only heirs of a territory that the United Kingdom stole from Venezuela, but “they also inherited that breed of imperialist and colonialist arrogance”.

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