Venezuela demands UK not to interfere in its internal affairs

Venezuela demands UK not to interfere in its internal affairs
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7 March 2021
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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has called on the government of the United Kingdom not meddle in the internal affairs of his nation.  "The UK must respect the UN Charter and stop interfering in Venezuela's internal affairs," Arreaza stated through his official Twitter account.

The statement came after a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom repudiated the "unjustified and deeply regrettable" expulsion of the European representative in Venezuela.

Last February 24, the Venezuelan government declared 'persona non grata' and expelled the EU ambassador to the South American country, Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, after the EU imposed new sanctions against 19 Venezuelan officials.

At the beginning of the year, the EU proceeded to sanction the officials after describing as not "credible, inclusive or transparent" the electoral process of December 6 in Venezuela, where Chavism obtained 256 of the 277 seats in Parliament.

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