V Biennial of the South, Peoples in Resistance begins in Venezuela

V Biennial of the South, Peoples in Resistance begins in Venezuela
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30 September 2023
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The V Biennial of the South, Peoples in Resistance, will open today in this town in north-central Venezuela and will last until December 15, with the attendance of 13 countries and more than 70 artists.

Under the motto “Street, Memory and Hope”, a way of remembering the tragedy experienced almost a year ago due to a natural disaster that caused destruction and death, the Bolivar Square of Las Tejerías, Aragua state, at 10:00 a.m. local time, will receive, authorities, national and foreign guests, and the population in general.

Last October 8, an avalanche of mud, rocks, and trees, devastated Las Tejerías, resulting in 54 deaths, eight missing and damage to some 800 houses, half of which were completely destroyed.

That is why the Venezuelan Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, when announcing the event, said that this is a Biennial of art in the street, “to get us with those humble people who are building their own destiny”.

Artists from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Spain, Egypt, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Iraq and Nepal are invited guests to the cultural event.


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