U.S. blockade hampers Cuba's access to scientific information

U.S. blockade hampers Cuba's access to scientific information
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2 November 2022
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HOLGUIN, Cuba, Nov 2 (ACN) Limitations to engage in scientific research and access specialized publications stand out among the difficulties caused by the U.S. blockade of Cuba to the science sector in the province of Holguin.

Dating back to 1962, this unilateral policy makes it difficult to visit U.S.-registered online databases related to technological innovation, biotechnology, oncology and nanotechnology, among other fields, and tampers with the consultation of updated literature and the exchange with information science entities in other countries.
Washington’s Cuba policy also prevents the participation of Cuban experts in international conferences, to the detriment of the professional upgrading of a human capital that boasts renown at international level.

The U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba has resulted in billions of dollars in economic losses and has a negative impact on education, public health, biotechnology, agriculture and other sectors, given their inability to purchase all kinds of resources and consumables, including spare parts and medical supplies.

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