UNESCO, ECLAC, UNICEF to acknowledge Cuba’s educational breakthroughs

UNESCO, ECLAC, UNICEF to acknowledge Cuba’s educational breakthroughs
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9 September 2022
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A joint report released on Thursday by UNESCO, UNICEF and ECLAC on education in Latin America and the Caribbean acknowledged Cuba's educational breakthroughs, including early childhood education.

The document entitled ¨The Crossroads of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean¨ addresses the region’s successes and challenges in meeting the fourth sustainable development goal of the 2030 Agenda, which seeks to ensure inclusion, equity and quality.

According to the report, Cuba is the only country that exceeds 90% in gross enrollment rate in early childhood education development programs.

In this regard, it stressed Cuba is recognized worldwide for its universal family-oriented program Educate Your Child.

It also highlighted Cuba´s high professionalism rating and also the launching of a national assessment of the impact of job training for pre-primary educators.

Regarding the professional development, it reflected the access to advanced master’s and doctoral training programs, “which allows professors to assume coordinating functions of continuous teaching training or pedagogical research”.

The report reflected the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in the educational sector, and devoted room to the vaccination, as Chile and Cuba are the only two nations with over 85% of their population fully vaccinated.

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