In two words: down with…what?

In two words: down with…what?
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12 June 2020
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I am not a philosopher, a sociologist, a psychologist, or a historian. I just studied journalism. From the elementary school, I chose this trade and I remember that every time I was asked why, my answer was always the same: “I liked to talk to the people and ask them about their opinions just to know them better,” or “just to cover the news right on the scene.” I believe I just saw myself as a war correspondent, not so much a columnist for a professional journal.

Nonetheless, I am not even writing as a journalist now. I do it as a human being, a woman, a mother, a Cuban citizen…any of these essential conditions go beyond any academy.

In fact, these lines are so technically wrong that the preamble may be longer than the story development itself. Furthermore, there is no clear border line between development and conclusions.

Everything started with me thinking on a post reading: Down with racism! But I felt it was not enough and added: Down with homophobia! But still it was incomplete and I thought: Down with gender violence! After all the things I want way down to the point of extinction, I had to consider my Down with the Blockade! But then it seemed too long for me and I tried to find other that could sum them up better.

What shall I post to go against all at once? Down with what? Getting rid of Trump would be a huge step as he is the champion of everything standing for inhumane behavior, but another emperor could be in office, perhaps softer, but having the same goal.

It would be great to get rid of lackeys, mercenaries, right-winged men who boast about being left-winged, criminals, hypocrites, frustrated and resentful people who express themselves as racist, homophobes, male-chauvinist, Anti-Cuban, or dissident. All of them belong to the same group of people worshipping hatred and discrimination.

Down with discrimination and hatred could be an option — too abstract though. It is worthless if the Empire closes this hotel, bans that flight with sanitary aids, allows terrorism against our embassy in the United States and so blatantly, includes Cuba in a list that must be headed by them.

Racism is real: a man dies in the US street because he is black.  A very cruel crime, actually. It was the most media-centered within a list nobody cares to report.

Violence is not suppressed: a young police officer was assassinated point-blank in Cuba and suddenly, the pack of independent journalists prompted to change the story turning the victims into murderers and vice versa.

I need to find a converging point. That place where all gaps among human beings are grown…Imperialism? Of course, or better, its foundation: capitalism.

I got it! Down with Capitalism! Two words are enough!

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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