Transparent democracy, as the people demand

Transparent democracy, as the people demand
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10 April 2023
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After the historic election day experienced by Cuba on March 26, an important process is now taking place that involves the 470 elected deputies and the members of the National Candidacy Commission (CCN), at all levels.

It is about consulting the representatives of the people in the highest body of State power, to prepare, based on their proposals, a candidacy project for the leadership of the National Assembly of People's Power and, in turn, of the Council of State, for the members of this body, and for the President and Vice President of the Republic.

This was recently reported to the press by Consuelo Baeza Martín, president of the CCN, who pointed out that, in accordance with the Electoral Law and the principles of our political system, deputies submit their proposals in writing, individually and anonymously.

She also noted that the members of the Commission lead the process. First, deputies are met in each territory so they do not have to move the Havana. Second, given that 64% of the deputies are newly elected, the way in which the law provides for the development of this consultation is explained to them, so everyone is on the same page.

Criterion is also requested from the newly elected, regarding the Council of Ministers and its members, since the proposal made by the President of the Republic will be submitted for their approval.

Baeza Martín insisted that, just as two municipal assemblies of the Peoples’ Power did not approve the proposals for candidacies that were presented to them, and it was necessary to prepare another one, also within the extraordinary session of the National Assembly, which is to take place on April 19, the deputies have a similar power, before proceeding to the direct and secret vote.

All this provides this process with a transparent character, and also constitutes a legitimate right of the deputies, representing those who elected them, all of which strengthens the democratic and participatory nature of our electoral system and, therefore, of our political system.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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