Thousands of Americans Protest Death of African-american Man

Thousands of Americans Protest Death of African-american Man
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29 January 2023
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Hundreds of people mobilized on Friday night in several U.S. cities in rejection of police violence after the murder of African-American Tyrone Nichols at the hands of police officers in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Demonstrators gathered in Memphis and other cities such as New York, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia or Seattle to demand justice for the crime and to put an end to this type of acts by police forces.

In the U.S. capital, dozens of people protested in front of the White House after images were released of the beating of Tyrone Nichols by police officers, who died three days after the act of police brutality.

At the beginning of the mobilization in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams, called the events that led to the death of the African-American in Memphis an abomination.

"The brutality we saw in that Memphis video is an abomination," Adams said on his Twitter account shortly after the images were made public in which Tyre Nichols appears surrounded by a group of police officers who beat him with batons, punches and kicks while he is on the ground.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland promised Friday that there will be an investigation into the death of Tyre Nichols and called on the public to protest peacefully.

Police in the U.S. have been singled out by human rights organizations for disproportionately using violence against the country's African-American population.

Nearly one-third of all people killed by police in the U.S. in 2021 were African American, despite being only 13 percent of the country's population, according to Mapping Police Violence.

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