Terrorists Suffer Casualties by Syrian Army Drone Attacks

Terrorists Suffer Casualties by Syrian Army Drone Attacks
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21 April 2024
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Syrian Armed Forces launched on Saturday dozens of attacks with kamikaze drones on terrorist targets in the northwest region, military sources reported on Saturday, cited by the local press.

Over the past 24 hours, the uniformed have launched 30 drone raids against radical groups entrenched in the northern province of Idlib.

The sources added that extremists suffered dozens of casualties and losses to their means of transportation, artillery vehicles and fortresses.

On the front lines in the northeastern Latakia province, several terrorists had been neutralized and two of their vehicles had been destroyed in drone actions that targeted against two sniper positions of the known “Ozman Brigade.”

Syrian Armed Forces, with the support and advice of the Russian military, strongly harnessed kamikaze drones for the latest months in their actions against targets of terrorist groups, in a new tactic triggering effective outcomes in terms of precision and elimination of the largest number of radicals.

The Syrian Army managed in 2020 to liberate 55% of Idlib governorate, where radicals take hundreds of thousands of civilians as human shields and attack civilian communities and national army spots.


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