Tenth International Pantomime Encounter concludes in Cuba

Tenth International Pantomime Encounter concludes in Cuba
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24 June 2024
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The 10th International Pantomime Meeting Havana 2024 will conclude in this capital, after several days in which notable masters of this expression turned each movement into art.

At the Tito Junco Hall of the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center, the research study “Presencia de la mujer en el arte Mimo”, by Érika Montoya, from Colombia, will be presented, and then the public will approach the book “Mimo Dinámico”, in the voice of Montoya and the Argentine Víctor Hernando.

The closing gala will also host the graduation of the Mime Teaching Unit of the “Teatro del Cuerpo Fusión Company”, which organizes the event.

The meeting will be attended by outstanding masters of this expression in Cuba and 21 artists from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Spain and Poland.

Much talent was shared by the mimes in each staging, who also paid tribute to the Physical Theater and the work of Polish master Henryk Tomaszewski (1914-2005).

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