Singing with Benny Moré

Singing with Benny Moré
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31 August 2020
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A beautiful, clear voice, very well placed. Perfect phrase, full command of rhythmic dynamics. Benny Moré was known (he is still known, because he is still a contemporary singer) as Wildman of Rhythm. He was also king of the melody, of the fusion with the orchestra, of the stage presence.

On August 24th, 1919, one of the greatest Cuban musicians of all time was born in Santa Isabel de las Lajas. He did not study at any conservatory and now his work is analyzed in many music academies. The prodigies of genius.

It’s difficult to establish absolute hierarchies in a country that has made immense contributions to the world's musical heritage; but in this island of music, Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez is a very first reference.

More than half a century after his death, he continues to be the oldest Son music singer and every day he offers lessons in good art, creativity and energy, in authentic connection to the great musical tradition of Cuba, which he enriched like few others.

He was a teacher of all genres of popular music, although his major contributions appear in mambo, the Son montuno, and the bolero. In fact, he is responsible to a large extent, for the international diffusion of many aspects of Cuban popular music in his years of splendor and even for the good health of music, he still enjoys in many contemporary places.

What is unique is that he is essentially a self-taught musician who became an undisputed master of interpretation and composition.

His had a powerful and natural musicality, very close to the torrent of popular creativity. He was — is — a singer of his people. And his people multiply every day.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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