Santiago de Cuba: women playwrights make a difference

Santiago de Cuba: women playwrights make a difference
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8 June 2023
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Women playwrights, directors and actresses from several countries give life here to the IX International Festival The Writing of the Difference which will last until Sunday 11.

The exhibition of the documentary M2. A collective voice, by Chilean filmmaker Lucía Rojas Maldonado, opened the debates behind this “homemade” reflection of the routines of women in the midst of Covid-19, isolation, face masks and other social traumas of the disease.

Creators from Guatemala, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Italy will take part in the event, under the inspiration and direction of Italian actress and playwright Alina Narciso, director of the group Metec Alegre and advocate of the visibility of female talent and branding on the stage.

This year’s edition pays tribute to Santiago poet Teresa Melo, who passed away last January and became a passionate promoter of the event, which was held in this city in 2011.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Council of Performing Arts, the main stages are the Casa del Caribe, the Macubá hall and those belonging to the Cabildo Teatral Santiago and the Guiñol.

The project that gave rise to the meeting arose during 1999 in the Spanish city of Barcelona, Spain, with the aim of promoting this dramaturgy and creating an international network of these artists.


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