San Remo Music Awards Cuba 2022 festival continues its successful celebration in Havana

San Remo Music Awards Cuba 2022 festival continues its successful celebration in Havana
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9 April 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 8 (ACN) The second night of the San Remo Music Awards Cuba 2022 Festival contest, held at the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater, was full of colorful voices and emotions in each performance.

Opening the show with the "Tropicana" Company, the meeting between the contestants and the artists who accompanied them, was a success for the competitors, since most of their interpretations were heard with higher quality than those of the first night.

According to the director of the cultural event, Jorge Luis Robaina, among the factors to be taken into account in the selection of finalists, which will be held tonight, are: the performance on stage, the quality of the performance and body expression, the tessituras of the voices and the emotion that they have been able to transmit with their songs to the public.

The guests of the international jury were joined by Riccardo Cocciante and Nicola Convertino, who inspired this version of San Remo Music Awards in Cuba, as well as the press jury, which at the end of the day will also award a prize.

Cocciante was grateful to have been invited to this event, as his participation in international festivals is not frequent.

At the same time, El Club 500 will continue today offering great concerts as part of the main activities of the Festival.

Grupo Karamba, Pedrito Calvo, Tania Pantoja, Mariachi Habana, Waldo Mendoza and guest artists from Spain and Mexico, are the ones in charge of providing the music at this venue of the event.

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