Saboteurs of the caravan in Miami against the blockade are neutralized

Saboteurs of the caravan in Miami against the blockade are neutralized
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27 November 2023
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Despite intimidation actions carried out by anti-Cuban elements in Miami, participants in the caravan against the blockade against Cuba made as they do every month-end this new demonstration in that U.S. city.

The saboteurs occupied this Sunday the park where the caravanists, who had the authorization of the authorities for their peaceful demonstration, were to congregate.

However, the police intervened and forced them to leave the place, where they tried to stage their show.

As explained on his Internet channel by Professor Carlos Lazo, coordinator of the Puentes de Amor movement, the police intervened and these "representatives of hate, of the lack of values and of Cuban anti-culture and anti-family had to move to the sidewalk across the street".

The emigrated Roberto Yis also narrated what happened in a call to Prensa Latina and reiterated that nothing will stop the struggle against the blockade. Those who love and found are on the right side, he ratified.

In the face of harassment and provocations, Cuban Americans, U.S. friends and simply people of good will continue to join this initiative, because "it is not about being right or left," said Yis, a member of Puentes de Amor and the Alianza Martiana.

"We are not going to stop until the end of the blockade", Lazo ratified when pointing out that the emigrants are united with the Cuban people to eliminate the shackle of that policy of asphyxiation.

Several cities in the United States and other parts of the world hold expressions of support for the Antillean nation every month to put an end to a unilateral siege that has lasted more than 60 years.

That blockade was further reinforced shortly before leaving office in January 2021, by then President Donald Trump, who reinserted Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, from which it was removed in 2015 by the government of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Trump adopted a policy of maximum pressure against Cuba from which his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, has so far not distanced himself.

Each caravan reminds the current occupant of the Oval Office of his campaign commitment to reverse Trump's cruel and failed policies.

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