Sábado del Libro venue dedicated to writer Miguel Barnet

Sábado del Libro venue dedicated to writer Miguel Barnet
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13 April 2024
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The usual "Sábado del Libro" venue in Havana will be dedicated to the title "Yo soy la página que escribo" (I am the page I write), by Cuban writer, poet and ethnologist Miguel Barnet, winner of the National Literature Award.

Dedicated to the 505th anniversary of the founding of the Villa San Cristobal de La Habana, the presentation of the work published by Casa Editora Abril will take place at 11:00 local time on Madera Street, one of the emblematic places of the historic center.

According to the back cover of the volume, this is neither an autobiography nor a book of memoirs, because, Barnet says, his way of being does not fit the idea of recounting his life step by step.

“For him, whatever may matter of his transit through the world is in the many pages he has written, mirrors in which he has reflected what he has lived, thought and felt in eighty years of existence,” the 212-page text points out.

The note also states that it is not only about publicly exposing the poet’s experiences and judgments, but also about sharing with today’s and tomorrow’s generations the experience of an essential personality in the history of Cuban culture.

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