Professional Boxing Commission Denies Boxing to Cuban Damian Arce

Professional Boxing Commission Denies Boxing to Cuban Damian Arce
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3 June 2023
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According to reports, there will be no professional fight today between the Cuban Damian Arce and the host Sergio "El Rayo" de la Cruz, agreed in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes and in the category of up to 130 pounds.


In the rules of the Aguascalientes professional boxing commission, in which the Domadores de Cuba have been registered since they joined the circuits of professional boxing, it is stated that a fighter cannot fight in two weight categories different from his previous fight.


As it is known, in his professional debut on March 21, the Cuban had beaten the Argentine Sebastian Castillo at the mythical Luna Park of Buenos Aires, but in the 118-pound division.


According to the websites consulted, it seems likely that Arce's fight will be tentatively rescheduled for next Friday, March 16, against Brandon "Caballito" Gallardo, whose last fight went to decision against Mexican boxing laureate Joselito Velazquez.


So far, the Domadores de Cuba has a 19-2 record in the professional boxing circuits. The only losses are to Yosbany Veitia.

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